A basement. A parking lot. A dead end.

These are negligible places. You see them everyday without noticing.

Pick a place in Manhattan. If you could peer through the layers of time, you'd see that what was negligible, is now considerable. What was forgettable, is now memorable.

A basement was once home to a forgotten literary round table. A parking lot occupies the land of North America's first synagogue. A street's dead end is where George Washington saved America during the Revolutionary War.

HereWas geo-tags Manhattan's past.

HereWas is a deeper, place-specific dive into Manhattan's past than has been done before.

HereWas reveals events that are separated in time, but collide in space.

Now introducing Broadway.

Every other street in Manhattan is now in the works. More details are at HereWas.com

"The past, he thought, is linked with the present by an unbroken chain of events flowing one out of another. And it seemed to him that he had just seen both ends of that chain; that when he touched one end the other quivered." 
Anton Chekhov

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